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Reed Diffusers

Our reed diffusers offer a luxurious and effortless way to create a welcoming ambiance in any room.

Available in two sizes, our small-sized reed diffuser holds 125ml of enchanting fragrance lasting you 4-6 months, while our larger option boasts an indulgent 200ml capacity lasting you 8-10 months. Each diffuser comes complete with a sleek glass bottle that perfectly complements any decor, making it a stylish addition to your home or office.

Using our reed diffusers is a breeze. Simply insert the black fibre reeds into the bottle, they absorb the scented oil, releasing it gradually into the air. The reeds act as conduits, dispersing the fragrance throughout the room, allowing you to enjoy a consistent and long-lasting scent experience. For a more subtle aroma, use fewer reeds, or for a stronger fragrance, add more. The choice is yours.


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