millie moo candles

What better way to ensure your home smells amazing than to always have a fresh candle, wax melt or room spray ready to go?


Why Should I Subscribe?

Millie Moo Candles offer monthly or 2 monthly subscriptions on our standard candles, wax melts and black room sprays to ensure you never run out!
The best part is you save 15% on any product, and you have total control over your subscription, which means you can skip, edit, swap or cancel your subscription at anytime. You'll get an email one week before your subscription is due so you have time to alter your order if you choose. Otherwise, your subscription automatically renews.

How Subscriptions Work




When you subscribe you’ll get 15% off your products!

Receive your order

and enjoy!

You can skip, edit, swap or cancel your subscription at any time.


Remember, you're always in control of your order!

Simply log in to your account, click "Manage Subscriptions", and choose if you'd like to swap, edit, skin or cancel! No commitment needed.